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As devices age, their batteries degrade. With a new battery, you can enjoy many more hours of charge time.

Battery problems influence the performance of your smartphone or mobile equipment. This is a component that in most cases is made of lithium, a technology still under development and highly sensitive. In order to prolong battery life, it is advisable to adopt a series of good practices in everyday life.

In more recurrent situations, it can become abnormally hot. Since it is a consumable component, it is normal for it to deteriorate over time, and this can manifest itself in various situations. These include:

    • The device’s battery discharges too quickly;
    • Slow or unresponsive applications or system;
    • The device shuts down or restarts unexpectedly;
    • Device won’t turn off;
    • Device won’t turn on;
    • Signs of a swollen battery (all batteries are consumable for a limited lifetime.

Using and charging the device may contribute to changes in its performance. At GSM & PC Solutions you can make a free diagnosis of your equipment and replace the battery on the spot!


GSM & PC Solutions is the market leader in repairs of all types of electronic equipment and has a technical team with extensive professional experience. We only use quality materials that are properly tested and proven to ensure your satisfaction.