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The Mühlenbach shop is the first GSM&PCSOLUTIONS shop that was opened in June 2014.
It is located at 137 rue de Mühlenbach, near the centre of Luxembourg. In this shop you will find two of our technicians who will welcome you with great professionalism.


Address 137, Rue de Muehlenbach
2168 Luxembourg
Opening Hours Monday to Saturday
09h00 to 19h00
Contacts info@gsmpcsolutions.lu
(+352) 691 640 892
Location N 49º37’36.627” E6º7’32.268”
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Why Choose Us?

Equipment reuse

Do you have old equipment that you no longer use? We give a new life!

Electronic Waste Reduction

By repairing your smartphone instead of buying a new one, you are helping the environment and reducing e-waste.

Concern for the environment

The environment is important to our humanity, so we encourage the recycling of equipment to reduce electronic waste.