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We can often repair water damage from inside the phone, only in rare cases where we cannot repair this.

Water or other liquid damage is one of the most common accidents, and it is advisable to immediately disconnect your device and go to a GSM & PC Solutions shop as soon as possible. Water is the biggest enemy of any electronic device, but carbonated drinks and baby drool are equally a risk to the operation of smartphones.

The severity of these problems always depends on the reach of the water on the smartphone components, so free diagnosis from GSM & PC Solutions and repair on time is central to saving your phone’s life.

Forget the urban myth of putting your phone in rice. If your phone has been dropped in water or has other liquid related damage, visit your nearest GSM & PC Solutions shop to increase the chances of having your device repaired.


GSM & PC Solutions is the market leader in repairs of all types of electronic equipment and has a technical team with extensive professional experience. We only use quality materials that are properly tested and proven to ensure your satisfaction.